Roof Replacement

Even the best-constructed roof will eventually need to be replaced. Every roofing system has a life cycle and wear out as the years go on… or suffer damage due to windstorms and hail. Moisture creeps in over time and weakens the roof decking. Roof technology changes and the methods and materials of yesteryear no longer match today’s standards.

Benefits of a Roof Replacement

  • A new roof increases your home’s curb appeal
  • A new roof is 40% of your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is going to get your house noticed either negatively or positively. With a replacement, it’s going to fall in the positive category.
  • When you have an old tired looking roof and you put on a new one, the house will look like a newer build. The replacement will not only give you years of peace of mind, but it will make your house the prettiest on your street.
  • Once you replace your roof, you can go out of town without constantly checking the weather back home. There won’t be any damages or leaks to greet you when you walk back in the door.

Disadvantages of a Roof Replacement

  • Roof replacements tend to be very noisy:
    A lot of people want to be home while their roof is being replaced. They don’t realize how loud it is actually going to be inside the house while the shingles are being installed.  I always recommend to my customers to plan to be away from the house while the shingles are being installed.
  • You may want to remove your pets during your roof replacement:
    While you understand that it’s going to be nearly impossible for you to stay inside with all the banging that will be done overhead, you may also want to consider your pets.  I’ve had many customers leave their dogs and cats at home during the roof installation. While dogs tend to get over it fairly quickly, I’ve known cats to disappear for three days. You may want to consider sending them to doggie or kitty daycare or having a friend watch them while the work is being done.
  • Many roofing companies don’t clean up very well after your roof replacement: Most roofers will do 90% of the work for residential replacement, get the check you cut for them and move on to their next project. What about the last 10%? The last 10% is the inspection and cleanup that should be done when a roofer has finished a project. If the cleanup isn’t done properly there will be nails in the yard, debris in your shrubs, and flat tires all around for your family and guests from nails in the driveway. It also makes your attic look like a warzone. If the roofer you hire doesn’t lay down plastic or a tarp over everything in your attic, there will be debris all over your holiday decorations and anything else valuable you have in stored up there.

From asphalt shingles to metal roofs to flat rubber roofs, Northface Roofing Specialists is a residential roofing expert across all roofing mediums. Highly trained with specialty materials, steep-slope surfaces, and other complex projects, we’re the leading triad contractor for residential roof replacement.

Types of Roofs We Install:

1. Architectural Asphalt Shingle Roofing
2. Metal Roofing
3. Rubber-membrane Roofing

If you have experienced any kind of storm damage and qualify for insurance replacement, we will work diligently with your insurance company during every phase of the claims process. Storm damage is considered “An Act of God”. In North Carolina, if your roof has damage due to hail and/or wind, the insurance companies cannot increase your insurance rates. This is great news for homeowners! Let us help you navigate the process with our many years of experience:


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