Roof Inspection

Annual inspections and scheduled maintenance check-ups help catch roofing issues early, which improves your roof’s performance — and ultimately enhances the lifespan of your roofing system. 

To help educate and prepare you, here are the 10 things your roofing contractor will look for during a roof inspection.

  • Your attic’s ventilation
  • Are there any visible roof leaks or interior water stains?
  • How many layers your roof has
  • The condition of your roof’s decking
  • Your roof vents
  • Your roof shingles
  • Your roof’s penetrations and skylights
  • Your chimney
  • Your roof flashing
  • Your gutters

Now that you know what a contractor looks for during a roof inspection, you’re ready to call a local reputable roofing contractor. When you hire a reputable contractor they’ll give you an honest assessment of your roof. But how do you find a great roofing contractor? That comes down to asking the right questions and getting the right answers back.

Why Let Northface Roofing Specialists Inspect Your Roof

We provide an honest and detailed assessment of the condition of your roof. We prepare a comprehensive estimate for the total cost of the repairs and are happy to meet with your insurance adjuster during their roof inspection to ensure you will receive the maximum benefit your insurance policy allows. From the initial damage identification to reviewing insurance estimates to actually doing the work, we make sure that the entire process is as worry-free and straight-forward as possible.


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